The Alberta SPOR PIHCIN is a network of patients, health-care providers and researchers focused on interjurisdictional primary care research for Alberta as well as across Canada.

We focus on supporting new approaches to the delivery of primary and integrated health care across the care continuum, to address:

  • People with complex health needs; from children to older adults,

  • Integrated prevention strategies and care delivery models, and

  • Appropriate data sharing and data liberation to improve the quality of Primary Health Care information.

Our goal is to spearhead strategies leading to the implementation of successful health care innovation.

We offer assistance in the development and application processes for primary care research:

  • Application support for SPOR PIHCIN funding opportunities

  • Methodological support through consulting and recommendations

  • Database development and support

  • Statistical and analytical support

  • Liaison with the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit Platforms

  • Assistance with CIHR Common CV Development

  • Networking with primary care researchers in Alberta, across Canada and internationally


Please share your primary health care research ideas!


(Banner image by Dien Nguyen)