1.       What is the Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovation Network (PIHCIN)?

The SPOR PIHCIN is a pan-Canadian initiative of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR). The overall goal of the SPOR PIHCIN is to support interprovincial primary health care research that focuses on integrated health care systems to improve patient experience and health, health equity, and health system outcomes for individuals with or at risk of developing complex health needs. There is a provincial SPOR PIHCIN in every Canadian province, as well as a developing PIHCIN in the Northwest Territories.


2.       Can the Alberta SPOR PIHCIN fund my primary health care research?

The Alberta SPOR PIHCIN does not fund research projects; however, it can provide design and methods support for applications to CIHR-funded SPOR PIHCIN research competitions. We offer advice on other funding opportunities, including matching fund arrangements.  


3.       I am not a primary care physician, can I still be the lead applicant for an SPOR PIHCIN funding opportunity?

The nominated principal investigator of a PIHCIN funding opportunity does not have to be a primary care physician. It is however, highly encouraged to collaborate and include primary care physicians and other primary care providers as active, meaningful members of SPOR PIHCIN research teams.


4.       I have a research group located in Calgary and Edmonton, can we apply for a SPOR PIHCIN funding opportunity?

Yes, but every SPOR PIHCIN project must be inter-provincial/interjurisdictional. At least two provincial PIHCIN’s must be substantively involved in each application. Furthermore, each application must have at least one principal applicant in each participating jurisdiction.  


5.       I have funds from a CIHR grant, can I use that as matching funds?

Unfortunately, tri-council funding sources cannot be claimed as matching funds for a SPOR PIHCIN competition. All matching funds must come from non-federal sources.


6.       What resources can the Alberta SPOR PIHCIN provide me?

The Alberta SPOR PIHCIN can provide researchers with many resources including:

  • Methodological support through consulting and recommendations
  • Database development and support
  • Statistical and analytical support
  • Liaison with the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit
  • Assistance with CIHR Common CV creation
  • Guidance to develop and submit SPOR PIHCIN funding applications
  • Liaison with primary health care researchers in Alberta, across Canada and internationally
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