The Alberta SPOR PIHCIN develops and promotes patient oriented research in Alberta and across Canada. To improve the research we do, we include the voices and perspectives of Albertans to guide research questions, our processes, and our priorities, by joining our Families' Panel. Members join research teams, discuss health care system experiences, and provide input to PIHCIN governance. It is important to stress that by joining research projects or the Alberta SPOR PIHCIN, members act as collaborators rather than research subjects.   

We offer Families' Panel members opportunities to participate in PIHCIN research in several ways    

1. Review committee
This group is active approximately two to three times a year, mainly prior to funding competition deadlines. It provides feedback to research teams who are applying for PIHCIN research funding; Research teams use the feedback to improve their project design by ensuring their work will have a direct impact on Albertans and Canadians.

2.  Patient members of project teams
Time requirements vary depending on the research project.  We are always developing several projects that would benefit from the involvement of people who have direct experience of the health system. Engagement in these activities may include:

  • Orientation about the group and the work each project is involved with. A member of the SPOR PIHCIN/research team will meet with you to provide you with background information before attending a meeting;
  • Teleconference or in-person meetings;
  • Sharing health care experiences in a constructive manner;
  • Providing your opinions about proposed research studies;
  • Providing guidance on how our research could help you and your family.

You may withdraw from any of these opportunities at any time. You will be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses.


If you are interested in any of the opportunities or if you have any questions, please contact:

Cliff Lindeman
Alberta SPOR PIHCIN Coordinator                                   
Telephone: (780) 248-2005


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